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by Michelle Young

Executive Summary What Is an Actuary? The Power of the Actuarial Valuation Method How Can an Actuary Help to Enhance

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by Apostolos Benisis

This article is about a very important question today’s innovators face when they develop new software products. Namely, that of:

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by Apostolos Benisis

Delegation is very important to managers and their teams for multiple reasons: • As workload increases it is necessary to

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by Apostolos Benisis

Writing thread-safe code in Java can be a difficult task. Even very simple code, when executed concurrently, can have complex

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by Apostolos Benisis

This is a comprehensive tutorial that explains how to automate the load tests of a Spring Boot based RESTful Web Service

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by Apostolos Benisis

There is an anecdote story involving the two jazz legends, Herbie Hancock and Miles Davis. In this story Herbie Hancock

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Bruce Lee Game of Death
by Apostolos Benisis

To succeed or even survive in today’s constantly changing environment, having a great idea is not enough. You need an

Posted in Agile, Transformation

Personal Transformation
by Apostolos Benisis

A simple model inspired by the „Digital Transformation Model“ by Alain Veuve, to explain the necessity for personal change, in order

Posted in Personnel Development, Transformation

by Apostolos Benisis

One of the challenges product teams encounter, is how to decide which features should be included in their products. Identifying

Posted in Product Development, Product Management

by Apostolos Benisis

How can data cubes (multidimensional data models) be used in the context of Business Process Management (BPM) to support management

Posted in Business Process Management, Data Mining

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